The masks are collected daily in the hospital, then not used for 3 days, then cleaned and sterilized afterwards (3 days of waiting time for washing provides additional safety for those who have to wash the mask).
The masks have a fabric washable outer layer, consisting of 100% cotton, so that they can be reused. Furthermore, the masks are laid out in a double layer to ensure better security. The focus of the design is on safety and not on aesthetics. The masks have a snug fit.
We currently make two types:
1. Double layer mouth mask with ear attachment:

100% cotton.
Can be washed at 60-90 degrees. 60 degrees is recommended.
Fits well.
2. Double layer mouth mask with head attachment:

This mask also has an additional integrated elastic on the nose bridge.
100% cotton.
Can be washed at 60-90 degrees. 60 degrees is recommended.
Fits well.
This mask has the ability to use filter materials of varying thickness and density, which provides additional protection (not included).
The masksare made of 100% cotton.There is an opening at the bottom. You can then slide a replaceable filter into that opening for extra filtering.
Replaceable filter material with +/- the size of the mouth mask such as a vacuum cleaner bag or carbon filter.
The masks can be custom made in different colors and prints. It is also possible to have a company logo or name embroidery put on the mask. The masks can also be delivered quickly, we currently produce 10,000 masks per week. 
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• Wash your hands before touching the mask. 
• Pay special attention when putting on and taking off, as well as when storing the mask.
• Do not touch the inside of the mask. 
• Preferably use the ends of the ribbons to manipulate the mask to keep your hands away from your face.
• If necessary, place safety glasses over the top edge of the mask so that it fits snugly over the nose bridge.
• Do not wear the mask longer than necessary. 
• If the mask or filter is wet, replace it 
• After use, store the mask immediately in a sealed bag or container, do not allow it to dangle around the neck.
• Sterilize the mask as often as possible (at least once a day) by washing it at 90 ° C.
A combination of both above mentioned different qualities is also possible.
For example, the mask under n ° 1 can also be made with a nose bridge elastic or with a provision for placing a filter.
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